Hosting Adventures

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It’s been a while since I got back on my feet, unfortunately I didn’t have too much time to post new articles as I’ve been extremely busy recently in both private life and at work. A lot of interesting things have happened, I learned a lot and I would love to share that information with you as soon as possible.

But first things first. As you may have read on my blog, just a little bit more than a month ago my hosting company without any warning shut down my website, deleting all of the files on ftp, my db, ftp account, wiped out my stuff totally. I had a SQL backup, but not up to date enough to recover, contacting hosting provider help desk didn’t help much. After 6 or so emails I’ve received information I could more or less screw myself because they would not be able to do anything for me even if they wanted to (which they didn’t by the way). It has already happened, done. Your files gone. All of your work gone. Ciao.

I’m not sure why it didn’t hit me instantly, I really had 2 days where I’ve been pretty much brought down and even an idea to stop blogging at all crossed my mind. Fortunately for me, when all (or at lest most) of the tension of being seriously pissed dissolved I realized not all hope is gone. Google. Google cache to be specific. Turned out using Google’s Webmaster Tools and basically taking care about your posts being indexed by their bots paid off a thousand times. All posts were there. Even the last one, before the actual Cataclysm. I used to be a huge Google fan because of the kinds of services they provide and also because of the high quality of them, at least to my taste and terms of usage.

Now back to the hosting provider. I got to tell you – this was a free one. Terms of Service contained a section where you could read that your account can be terminated at any moment, with or without previous notification on their side. So I must admit – legally, everything that had happened to me was ok. What makes it super unfair is the fact I have not violated any of their rules. None. Went through this text 20 times, back and fort, paragraph after paragraph. Nothing. I basically got screwed in the light of law. What makes the whole situation so much worse is that I had seen some symptoms – tickets regarding issues I’ve experienced closed by their operators without any notice/contact/resolution. Automated responses proving no one took time to even scan through your email, with the description of the issue you have. You know –I’m tech guy, I like being accurate, so to make Help Desk employees life easier, not being able to solve issue myself, when I send an e-mail to them it’s super detailed, describes step by step what I’ve been doing, how I got to the point I believe I should not be able to get to, etc… If I have a problem with an application I do the same, enclose memory dump, can attach WinDbg if someone has a wish. And really, everything is fine with me, but not being rude and ignore your good will. So stay away from 000WebHost (no link, don’t want to have my posts indexed with links pointing to someone who is not serious).

I picked one of the hosting providers Microsoft has enlisted on ASP .NET site, paid a few dollars a month, configured IIS to be able to process and serve PHP. I have better performance and I can sleep peacefully knowing my hard work is safe. And I definitely recommend you doing the same.